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Playrix is quite a popular game developer studio that is known for puzzle games. They have a series of three-tiles puzzle games where you have to help the butler. Becoming the best gamer is not easy in their games without earning virtual currencies. Gardenscapes is a well-known game, and you have three tile puzzles to solve.

If you have player candy crush or Homescapes ever, then you must be knowing about this game without any issue. In order to progress faster, you have to focus on the earning of virtual currency. This will let you progress at a faster rate and becoming a better game. Let’s get started by the basic but most important things to do in Gardenscapes –

  1. Powerups are important

It doesn’t matter that how old gamer you are, considering powerup is really important for the betterment. To earn powerups, you have to complete levels in fewer moves, and if you are able to do it, you are getting a good number of boosters. Keep it in mind that boosters are easy to spend, and you can end up getting them wasted. Always take time and play at a slow pace when you are at the intermediate levels.

  1. Bringing Lemonade faster

There is Lemonade objective stuff that will provide you an extra amount of coins and stars. You have to match three or four pieces in the same order to get that and become a better gamer. It might be time-consuming to move tiles, but if you do it wisely in the fewer moves, you are able to bring Lemonade down. When you are matching three or four tiles in a vertical arrangement, you are able to move at a faster pace and become a better gamer in various manners. That’s why you can rely on it with ease.

  1. Play at Slow Pace

Among all those levels, you have to play at a slow pace to avoid extra moves. Always check out the surrounding tiles and what will happen when you match any particular tile. It might be time-consuming, but you are able to move at a better rate, and you will be able to progress at a faster rate. Isn’t it one of the easy things too. When you are moving a tile, you should have a look at the required tiles, which will come in handy for sure. You rely on this tip to become a better gamer with ease.

  1. Connecting to Social Media

To earn extra tweaks, you can focus on connecting your gaming account to Facebook. This will help you earn free coins with ease. Even you are able to invite friends and earn a higher number of coins by such methods. If any of your friends join, you will earn, and your friends are able to send you free coins for sure. This whole process isn’t going to take much time; that’s why you can rely on it.


To reach on the max level, you have to keep on renovating the garden and focus on correcting things. It might be time-consuming, but if you are progressing at a slow rate in the beginning, then you are able to become the better gamer. It will also help you earn a greater number of virtual currencies with ease. Hope this post will let you become an advanced gamer.