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Gardenscapes represents a great combination of two different game concepts or genres. These two concepts are match-3 levels and garden renovation. With it, you can see a virtual assistant that is named as Austin.

For achieving an objective in the renovation part, you need to spend currency. The earning of funds becomes much easier with the use of Gardenscapes hack. The players should use currency for beneficial activities only. Upcoming details are based on the guide for both concepts.

Information about the garden renovation

For renovating the garden, you are required to focus on different types of things and activities. No one is able to access full garden at a time. Mainly the complete area is divided into some portions. All portions are arranged in a sequence.

A player can access the garden part by restoring the previous portion only. As per the experts, you can easily restore a portion by spending 3 to 5 days. The success and restoration of a part are based on some specific missions.

How to restore?

The process of renovating the garden is based on the use of funds. The match-3 levels are helpful in generating the required amount of currency. You should spend funds on maintaining the following types of objects or items.

  • Street light
  • Bench
  • Flower decoration
  • Fountains

 By accessing the design mode, you are able to restore old ones or build new things. An objective of the players should be to improve the garden area and make it attractive.

Another important facts

As we discussed in previous paragraphs, completing match-3 levels is working as the primary source of earning. For completing the levels, you should put efforts into achieving the basic goals. These types of levels are available with numerous obstacles and challenges.

These issues can be avoided only by putting proper efforts. The main thing which associated with the match-3 levels is the moves. Levels are tagged with some specified number of moves, and everyone needs to complete a level by consuming these limited moves only.

With it, you should try to save the moves instead of finding for more. Saving moves is helpful in increasing the amount of reward.

Helping elements

The match-3 concept is including some helping features. Mainly these features are helpful in clearing the tiles from board quickly. Mainly these elements are considered as –

  • Power-ups
  • Boosters

You need to use these elements properly, and Gardenscapes cheats can help you by providing tips for using in the right manner. 

Types of power-ups

The players can see mainly 4 types of power-ups such as –

  • Firecrackers – for getting this particular power-up, a combination of 4 similar tiles should be created. Its use is helpful by blasting neighbor tiles.
  • Bombs – matching five tiles is helpful in creating a bomb on the board. Using the bomb is useful in eliminating all tiles from the radius of two tiles.
  • Dynamite – creating a combination of six tiles provides dynamite on the board. Exploding dynamite affects the area within a radius of 3 tiles.
  • TNT – match of seven or more tiles becomes a reason for TNT on the board. Use of TNT affects 4 tiles radius.

What about boosters?

Boosters are highly beneficial in improvising the way of playing and numerous other things. These elements cannot be created on the board. The system provides these elements as the reward. Another way of getting boosters is spending in-game funds.

There are different types of boosters available such as – double bombs, rainbow blast, shovel, gardening glove, rake and rainbow blast & dynamite. All types of boosters are leading effects on the board in a different way.