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Gardenscapes from Playrix in puzzle genre had a resounding success in the past couple years based on intense graphics, impressive gameplay, and so many unique features. Playrix keeps on adding new features, which makes it one of the advanced games over time. From matching three tiles to getting boosters, you are creating an impressive score.

Doing every single task is providing you a good number of stars and coins. It is easy to find that coin is the primary currency for small upgrades, whereas you have stars to buy stuff and renovate the garden. There are so many broken fountains and empty land to fill. Keep on doing the same for a long time will help to boost and becoming a better gamer.

For all those newbies, it is a long guide post which will come in handy to let you learn a few basic things that you can do with ease. Let’s take a deep dive –

  1. Learn Matching

You got a deck of several tiles to match, and it is important to match a similar one by putting them in a straight order. When you match three tiles, they disappear, and upper tiles swipe down. So, you have to match tiles wisely. After learning this, you can find on the left side that there are some specific tiles mentioned with the number. It represents that which tiles you need and how much you need to complete the level. Matching unwanted tiles is a waste of move, and you should do that when you don’t have anything to focus on.

  1. Take time

Most of the puzzle games are based around two things, times, moves, or both. In this game, you have to worry about the number of moves, so you should take your time wisely. Spend your moves wisely, and if you can’t find the specific tiles, then you should consider moving tiles that are not in waste less. It might waste your move, but you are able to progress and get a better spot in the game, which will be a better opportunity for sure.

  1. Matching Tiles Wisely

When you are matching four or five tiles, you are getting power-up tiles that are going to come in handy. There are formations to consider which can come in handy to make you powerups. If you are not able to match up tiles and not able to progress, then you should be playing very fast. Try to slow down and have a look at tiles before making any move. This will let you get better progression and avoid getting into any kind of issue.

  1. Using Powerups

There is no way that you can be an advanced gamer without considering the use of powerups. So, you should start focusing on powerups and collect them. Do not use them until you feel stuck. A wise move will let you remove unwanted tiles and getting desired ones. It will help you earn coins and stars, that’s why you can consider it without having a single problem. Even, progression is easier by using such methods so you can go well by such methods.

The Final verdict

After considering all the tips, you have to consider spending your currencies wisely. You can avoid upgrades at the current time and keep on earning more. In the end, when you feel free, you can spend time and money on the renovation. This will earn you a higher amount of currencies; that’s why it is a better and genuine option over the other ones available online. Hope, these tips will come in handy for better progression.