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Gardenscapes offer some of the advanced games in the category of the puzzle genre, and there are many other titles from Playrix. If you are a die-hard gamer of Gardenscapes, then you may have seen that virtual currencies play an important role in this game. You have coins and stars to focus on. Stars are required for major upgrades, but as it is the premium currency, so you have to focus on earning it and spending it wisely to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

How to Earn Coins and Stars?

In order to coin and stars, you need to learn the basics. The below mentioned are some easy methods to progress –

  • Daily login is quite a common thing that you can focus on and upgrade with ease. Make sure that you play this game on a daily basis or open it for a short burst to get the daily login bonus. The daily bonus keeps on increasing with the time and number of days you are logging in into the game.
  • Connecting your gaming account to social media will provide you free stars. Even, this method allows you to ask friends to come to join and play with you. This will be an easier option to focus on, and you are able to earn a higher amount of virtual currency.
  • Matching tiles will provide you free coins, and whenever you complete a level, you are able to earn free stars; that’s why you can consider it over the other methods. Isn’t it easy and reliable?
  • Renovation and upgrades are other alternatives to earn a greater number of coins. Whenever you are renovating, you are unlocking new objectives also. This will give you free coins for sure that’s why you can consider it.
  • In case you do not have enough obstacles to complete, then you should focus on the upgrades and spending a few coins and stars. Make sure that you avoid spending real money on the purchase of virtual currencies.

After considering these factors, you are able to become a better gamer. Even, you have to focus on the powerups to keep on progressing with ease. This will help you become a better gamer.

So, What’s the Final verdict

After considering these tips, you have to worry about the expenditures. Always spend your currencies wisely to avoid wasting your money in the wrong places. This helps you progress at a better rate. Even earning a higher amount of currency is absolutely easy by considering the use of coins on several small things and spending your stars wisely. You can choose what to upgrade and what to avoid for once. This is a common but most effective option.