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Gardenscapes is a freemium game developed by Playrix for android and iOS devices. Before start playing this game, you should learn the pure basics. Try to understand all the aspects of the game and then focus on them in the right manner. You can level up with ease at the initial stages, but later, you need to put your best possible efforts. Make sure you are focusing on the main objective instead of wasting your time on the extra activities. Complete a task faster and then move to the other stages after getting a star. Try to earn enough coins to get rid of all the issues.

In addition to this, you should also pay appropriate attention to the several aspects related to the game. Try to match more than four pieces to create bombs. And then you will expose those bombs to earn coins, which will also help to save up your moves.

Use Gardenscapes cheats to get stars smartly

After completing a level, you will get a star that means you can collect stars by making progress in the game. These stars are mainly required for completing different garden tasks. When you get a star, then never let it be because saving up stars is really crucial. With the help of saving some stars, you can use them in the future to get numerous benefits. In this way, you can complete several tasks which will help you to make progress in the game. And that’s why it is suggested to use stars smartly in the game instead of wasting them.

How to get more lives?

When you play a difficult level in the game, then it takes lots of time to complete it. If you fail, once then never get disappointed. Make a new plan and then implement it to complete the level. Due to the shortage of lives, many players face issues. You should avoid these issues by earning lots of coins. With the help of coins, you can refill the lives and then start playing the game. In this way, you don’t need to struggle to get more lives. Spend coins and then refill the lives to eliminate all the complications.

Other tips

As you read earlier, coins are important, so you should try to earn as many coins as you can. After this, use coins smartly to refill lives and buy other in-game items to get assistance while clearing the difficult levels.